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Individual Attention

Since our business began in 2002, we have strived to nurture the human-animal bond. We recognize each client as an individual by taking the time to get to know you and your pet.

Customized Veterinary Services

We recognize that each animal has to be treated uniquely. We offer a customized medical plan based on your pets’ needs. Our staff understands that every pet is special and dedicates time and knowledge to provide the best possible veterinary services.

Experienced Staff

The support staff consists of several licensed technicians and other experienced assistants who have worked as a team for several years, offering professional veterinary services.


As your pet’s advocate, we understand that medical expenses can often become overwhelming. At Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun, we provide several payment options to make sure you are not burdened with these costs. Our Hospital Director also works with you directly to develop a plan that would best suit your financial situation.

veterinarian with a dog

We Make it EASY to Afford Quality Veterinary Care!

Whether an emergency, illness, or just a check-up, many people struggle to find affordable veterinary care. Pet owners are often surprised by the costs and worry about payments. Through our customized payment plans, coupons, and loyalty programs, we provide multiple cost savings options for our clients. Our client service agents confidentially work with you on an individual basis and manage cases within limited budgets. As your pets’ advocate, we promise to offer the highest quality of care and work with you to make it affordable. We are also happy to discuss pet insurance options with you. We recommend pet health insurance from Embrace.

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