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A cat laying on the floor

Meet our Support Staff

Support Staff

Jennifer Rossi, BS, MBA, Regional Manager

Jennifer Rossi, BS, MBA
Regional Manager

Freezing in Short Sleeves or Sweating in Long Sleeves?
Freezing in Short Sleeves

Young Tom Hanks or Old Tom Hanks?
All Of The Tom Hanks

Repair The Old Bridge or Build a New One?
Build a New One

Wait For a Ride or Walk Back Home?
Walk Back Home

Red Carpet or Enter Through the Kitchen?
Enter Through the Kitchen

Self-Control or Treat Yourself?
Treat Yourself

Direct the Show or Star In the Show?
Direct the Show

Brood About It or Let It Go?
Let It Go!

Every Day Free or Every Day Planned?
Every Day Free

Climb the Fence or Walk to the Gate?
Climb the Fence

Jennifer she has worked in the veterinary field since 1996 and opened our Ashburn Farm and Brambleton locations.   Jennifer has chosen this line of work because she is intrigued by medicine, enjoys the challenges of a small business environment, and has true commitment to the human-animal bond.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Maryland in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and later earned her Masters of Business Administration from George Washington University in 2006.  As hospital director of two busy veterinary practices, she has found a way to combine her love of science and business.

After years of experience in field of veterinary medicine, Jennifer still wakes up in the morning and cannot wait to get to work. For Jen, working with animals is always fulfilling and the relationships that she builds with her clients and fellow employees are lasting and meaningful.

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys going for long walks with Zoey, her Border Collie, and snuggling with her cats. Jennifer’s most important role in life is being a mom. “Nothing beats hiking with my family on a beautiful day.

Brittany Lee, Practice Manager

Brittany Lee
Practice Manager

Eat the Mistake or Send it Back to the Kitchen?
Eat the Mistake

Swim in the River or Swim in a Pool?
Swim in a River

Outdoor or Indoor?

Autobiographies or Fiction?

By the Sea or In the Mountains?
By the Sea

Old Fashioned or Martini?
Old Fashioned

First to Leave or Last to Go?
Last to Go

Alone in a Field or Alone in a Crowd?
Alone in a Field

Quantity or Quality?

Halloween or New Years?

Vicki John, LVT

Vicki John, LVT

Freezing in Short Sleeves or Sweating in Long Sleeves?
Long Sleeves

Take a Nap or Go to Bed Early?

Sunny or Stormy?

Up Late or Up Early?
Up Early

Step on the Bug or Set the Bug Free?
Set the Bug Free

Road or Mountain Biking?

Book or Podcast?

Zoo or Aquarium?

Eggs or Oatmeal?

Bookmark or Dog Ear?
Dog Ear

Claire Huelsman

Claire Huelsman

Butterfly or Lightning Bug?
The mystery of the lightning bug is so intriguing. How does it do that, anyway? And, Why?

Know Where You’re Going Or Just Walk Around?
I’m a skilled map reader, but would much prefer to meander around in a new place. You never know what treasures you might find.

Gulf Coast or Pacific Coast?
Neither! I’d stick with my beloved East Coast!

By the Sea or In the Mountains?
Oh, how I do love to be beside the seaside! The ocean heals all wounds, emotional and physical!

Covent Garden or Kensington?
Kensington is so refined and beautiful, but I love the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, with all of it’s shops, markets, performers and cafes, it is the place to be in London!

Keep a Secret or Spill the Beans?
While I’d rather not be in the position to have to keep a secret, I’m a loyal friend and confidante and would not give up the ghost (or the skeletons!)

First to Leave or Last To Go?
My family has now become accustomed to staying at events until the very, very end. Concerts, sporting events, parades… it doesn’t matter. I don’t care about beating the traffic. I want to enjoy the show and I’m always the last to go!

Appetizers or Dessert?
How ’bout both? Skip the entree! Though, if I had to choose, I would pass on dessert in favor of appetizers.

Halloween or New Years?
Definitely Halloween! It’s so fun and carefree… Lacks the pretense and pressure of New Years.

Bridge or Tower?
While I admire the engineering feats of both the bridge and the tower, I would have to choose the bridge. It implies a connection of one place to another; a suspension over something. I like that.

Sam Kennedy

Sam Kennedy

Eat the Mistake or Send It Back to the Kitchen?
Eat the Mistake

Save for a Rainy Day or Live in the Moment?
Live in the Moment

Full Moon or Crescent Moon?
Full Moon

Walk the Dog or Feed the Chickens?

Plaid or Stripes?

Old Fashioned or Martini?
Old Fashioned

Ramones or Sex Pistols?
Sex Pistols

Halloween or New Years?

Blue Sky or Gray Sky?
Gray Sky

Rollercoaster or Ferris Wheel?





East coast or West coast:
East coast

Deep dish or thin crust?
All the pizzas

Summer or winter?
Bring on the summer!

Indoor or outdoor?

Road trip or plane hop?
Road trip

Brie or cheddar?
Any and all cheese except of the goat variety

Wine or beer?
Light beer, extra cold

Roller coaster or Ferris wheel?
Roller coaster

Vacation or staycation?

Test the waters or dive in the deep end?
Test the water